Why hello there. Thanks so much for stopping by our blog! We are Brigid and Adam – recently engaged, 30-somethings from Cape Town, South Africa traveling indefinitely, working remotely and taking awesome photos while we do it. (oh and when I said do “it”, I meant the traveling/ working/ photo-taking – before anyone gets excited).

How Love Love Travel Started

We met in the winter of 2009 at an 80s themed neon party when Adam asked me to write my number on a large cardboard box fashioned to look like an 80s cellphone. We have been an item since then.

We squeezed every bit of life out of the three weeks of annual leave I got each year. We traveled to Thailand, Zanzibar, India and Namibia (twice). But always dreamt of being able to travel for much, much longer.

Getting our first taste of luxury travel in Namibia (2014).

Like most people, we never thought we could do it. In 2013 some of our friends left on their own awesome long-term travel adventures. We spent hours drooling over their photos – green with envy. We decided we had to make it happen – someday…

After 6 years, 5 holidays and 4 apartments, we decided to take our relationship to the next level. We decided to travel the world and start a blog together. (Update: on 14 July 2015 we made it even more official and got engaged).

In November 2015 we set off on what started out as a 7 month trip to South East Asia. Our initial return flights for June 2016 have been pushed out to October 2016. And to be honest, we cannot imagine our lives ever going back to normal (who wants to be normal anyway?)

Meet Brigid

If you haven’t figured out – that’s me. I do most of the writing and web design for the blog. I also hate writing in the third person – so there will be none of that.

Dancing the night away with our awesome Airbnb host in Mauritius (2015).

I studied accounting and got a small taste of corporate life (and decided that it was not for me). After that I worked for an online fashion retailer and for an online psychometric company. I now run an Airbnb management business called Superhost South Africa from the road (with my employee #1  – my dad – running things on the ground back home).

I am probably not your typical adventurer. I like planning and booking things. I am the person that will volunteer to be on wallet/ key duty and watch the bags while Adam does other (more adventurous) stuff. Travel has taught me to let go, to trust people more and to try new things.

Meet Adam

You see all those amazing photos on our blog – they were all taken by Adam. We seriously won’t mind if you use them on your own blog/ website BUT always remember to CREDIT and LINK BACK.

Ignoring the “Do not get out of your car” signs in Etosha, Namibia (2014).

Adam is a photographer (a very talented one, if you ask me). His passion developed from his dad on holidays through Africa. His dad is a portrait photographer and they would spend hours discussing photographic philosophy on these African adventures.

After leaving university, Adam started selling his photographs as limited edition fine art prints. This meant spending almost two-thirds of the year on the road at exhibitions. We hated being apart so much. (Fast-forward to the last few months where we have literally spent every second together – bliss).

He copied my business plan and made his dad employee #1  – handling the sale of prints at exhibitions while we are away. You can also buy his limited edition fine art prints online on Rabinowitz Photography – international shipping available.

Unlike me, Adam has dreamt about traveling the world since he was a small boy. His bucket list is so long that I am seriously concerned we might not finish it (even if we continue traveling for the next few decades). Locals love him (well more than grumpy old me watching the bags). Always pushing the limits of my comfort zone – if it wasn’t for him there is no way I would be able to do this.

If you have any other questions about us feel free to drop us a line.