6 Reasons You Should Splash Out a Luxury Private Bali Villa at Samabe

We were recently invited to spend two nights in an ultra-luxurious, one-bedroom, private villa at Samabe Bali Suites and Villas. It was beyond amazing!!! Find out why we are still fantasizing about it almost everyday. 

Heading to Bali? Why not splash out and spoil yourself. We review Samabe Bali Suites & Villa. Head over to the blog post to read more about our stay in a one bedroom villa, the breakfast buffet, afternoon tea and other #villalife treats you can look forward to.

WARNING: Do not continue reading this post if you are not willing to start saving for your dream holiday to Bali today. The photos below are literally what every Bali dream should be made of.

Samabe Bali Suites and Villas

Lets be honest: Adam and I are pretty low maintenance when it comes to travel accommodation. Normally we are quite content if the bed is firm and reasonably clean, the pillows are more than 2cm thick, the shower is hot and the wifi is fast.

Crystal Blue Ocean Grill, Samabe Bali Suites & Villas, Nusa Dua, Bali The stunning entrance to the Crystal Blue Ocean Grill.

So you can only imagine what a treat our stay at Samabe was like. From the moment we arrived to garlands of fragrant frangipani and Bali blessings, we were treated like royalty. Samabe truly lived up to its motto “Arrive as a guest, depart as a friend, return as family” (well that is if your family are some sort of royalty).

Live it Up in Your Very Own Villa

We stayed in a one-bedroom private villa with its own private pool. We were greeted by our very own personal butler who gave us the grand tour. Watch the video below filled with some mouth-watering drone footage and Adam having a go at being a villa tour butler.

What you can look forward to:

  • A private pool where you can relax all day in privacy (and even order room service delivered right to your pool chair by your private butler)
  • An outdoor shower with direct access to your bathroom shower
  • A king-size bed made up with the softest linen we have felt in a very long time
  • A large bathroom with a stunning huge bath, twin vanity and shower room
  • A spacious and comfortable lounge with large flatscreen television featuring loads of familiar channels (including some sports channels for the boys)
  • A mini bar restocked daily

So what does a private butler do, you ask?

We were wondering the same thing when we arrived (my only point of reference for a butler being the 1990’s show, The Nanny). As it turns out there is quite a lot your private butler can help you with though “shining/cleaning your shoes for dinner” seems a bit unnecessary when everyone wears flip flops.

A Breakfast Buffet to Die For

Okay okay – we know we were raised not to play with our food but we just could not resist. The restaurant staff thought we were crazy carrying all this food out to one of the day beds. They watched anxiously as we tried to position ourselves between the food. But it was so worth it (PS none of the food went to waste – get in my belly!).

Taking full advantage of the Breakfast Buffet at Samabe Bali Suites & Villas. Head over to the blog to find out why we think you should splash out on a stay at this amazing, luxury Bali resort. Breakfast Buffet? Challenge Accepted.

The breakfast buffet is served every morning from 7am till 11am at the Rempah-Rempah Restaurant. It is simply to die for. No seriously! We literally ate so much we nearly died. It included a variety of sweet and savory food, some traditional Western breakfast food but also a good selection of Indonesian fare.

Of course you could also order from the A La Carte Breakfast Menu (from 6am to 11am). We tried a few of the Samabe Egg Signatures including:

  • Pan Fried: Seared foie gras, star fruit and sweet onion chutney
  • Steak and Fried: Seared wagyu oyster blade steak, shitake mushroom, bernaise sauce
  • Scrambled: Smoked marlin, dill, caper and raisin tapenade, oscietra caviar
  • Samabe Poached: Creamed local spinach, fresh crab meat, toasted english muffin, flying fish roe

And for the truly lazy – breakfast can be served all day in your suite or villa.

Enjoying my Vitamin Shots before digging into the breakfast buffet at Samabe Bali Suites & Villas. For more reasons to splash out on a luxury stay here, head over to the blog. Breakfast SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS!

We loved the little touches that made breakfast even more memorable. Each morning we were served four shot glasses of fruit and vegetable puree – our daily Vitamin Shots. And washed them down with the delicious and colorful Dragonfruit Juice made fresh every day.

Afternoon Tea with a View

While office life might limit you to three square meals a day with vending machine snacks at your desk in between, #villalife is all about finding creative ways to graze all day. You certainly need to pace yourself if you are planning on eating non-stop.  Not to worry – this is exactly why Afternoon Tea was invented.

Afternoon tea served next to the infinity pool at Samabe Bali Suites & Villas. Checkout our full review of this Bali resort on the blog. Afternoon tea at the pool.

Afternoon Tea is a delightful little treat to tide you over until dinner – served between 3pm and 5pm. You can choose to enjoy it in the comfort of your villa or suite, next to the pool or at any of the private spots around the resort. It comprises a drink of your choice, a plate of delicious local fruit, some savory bites and sweet treats to finish it off.

Afternoon tea at Samabe Bali Suites & Villas comprises a plate of delicious local fruits, savory wraps and a sweet treat to finish it off. For more reasons to visit this resort, check out the blog. Afternoon Tea

We loved the way the Afternoon Tea was presented – displayed like a work of art in a hanging cage. Very Instagram-able. Our advice is to have the Afternoon Tea at the infinity pool – that way you can enjoy the daylong free-flow of non-alcoholic beverages served poolside and even get a cooling cucumber eye pack and head massage (from 3pm).

Infinity #PoolPorn

Let’s be honest – is there any thing better than going on vacation and making your friends back home super jealous. Okay yes there are loads of things but lets just forget about them for now and focus on #poolporn. Nothing says wanderlust like drinking cocktails in your own private infinity pool overlooking the ocean.

The infinity pool sunrise view from a penthouse suite at Samabe Bali Suites & Villas. If this #poolporn does not convince you to book your stay, the rest of the blog post will. Infinity #poolporn at the penthouse villa

We woke up super early one morning to get this shot at one of the penthouse villas. The light was amazing (pretty much all Bali sunrises and sunsets are like works of art). Adam was brave enough to jump on the ledge (with a pretty steep drop on the other end). I still maintain I was the braver one though – jumping in an ice cold pool that early to get the shot below.

The stunning infinity pool at Samabe Bali Suites & Villas. Check out our review of this Bali resort on the blog. View from the infinity pool.

Beach Bums

While Samabe offers loads of cool activities (see below) to keep you busy and entertained, nothing quite beats stretching out on the beach. To get there you need to negotiate a few (approximately 150 steps). For the truly lazy, there is also the option to transfer from your villa to the beach via golf cart and Jeep (it is completely unnecessary).

Stretch out on these beach chairs at Samabe Bali Suites & Villas. Beach chairs. Beach bar. What more do you need?

If ordering drinks from the Beach Bar and staying horizontal all day is not your thing, you can also head out for a snorkel, sail a catamaran, learn how to windsurf, or get a beach butler to play some beach volleyball with you.

A #dronie of Adam relaxing on a light blue bean bag at Samabe Bali Suites and Villas. Check out the post on the blog. So that’s what a private beach looks like?

Other Samabe signature activities include:

  • massages in the privacy of your villa/ suite
  • taking a tour to Tanah Lot (probably the most famous Bali temple)
  • catching the Devdan Show at the Bali Nusa Dua Theatre
  • having a 60 minutes Thalasso Aquamedic Pool treatment
  • taking a Batik painting class (Mondays at 2pm)
  • dressing up in Balinese Costume dressing (Monday to Saturday at 1pm)
  • watching the sunset in Uluwatu (every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday)
  • enjoying an Indonesian Rijstaffel dinner experience at Rempha Rempha
  • 60 minutes body scrub at the Galangan spa
  • 30 minutes sunset foot reflexology at the pool side area

Turn On the Romance

Adam and I have been engaged for just over a year. We get asked so often when we are going to tie the knot. And finally I have an answer: when Samabe offer to sponsor a wedding at their Pearl Chapel. This stunning contemporary glass structure stands perched on the edge of the cliff with endless views out over the ocean.

The Pearl Chapel at Samabe Bali Suites & Villas. The Pearl Chapel with its endless views.

Don’t worry – we didn’t do it. (I can only imagine what Adam’s mom would have to say about that.) BUT that didn’t mean we could not pretend we did it. We got treated to an Aroma flower candle bath with petals arranged in the shape of a heart (please appreciate the effort it took to get into this hot bath without disturbing the petals). For other Honeymoon Benefits.

Treat yourself to a bath like this at Samabe Bali Suites & Villas. Here are 6 reasons you should splash out on a luxury stay at this Bali resort.

Important Info

Getting There

To visit Samabe Bali Suites and Villas, you will need to fly to Bali via Ngurah Rai International Airport (Denpasar International Airport). From there Samabe can arrange for an airport pickup (something we would definitely recommend since the crowds of taxi drivers in the arrivals area can be quite daunting).

When to Go

I am almost sure there is never a bad time to visit Bali. Though most guide books recommend going between April and September. The island enjoys warm temperatures throughout the year (typically ranging between 29 and 31 degrees Celsius). One important consideration though is the rainy season which lasts from November to March (January being the wettest).

Booking at Samabe

Samabe offers a range of accommodation to suit every type of holiday.

Suites are located right on the cliff edge and close to the amazing infinity pool and Crystal Blue Restaurant. Choose between a Samabe, Family or Honeymoon Suite – each with the option to have a private pool too.

Villas are great for those looking for a bit more privacy. One bedroom and two bedroom villas all come with private pools and ocean views while being set back in the property a bit. When you are ready to be social simply call your butler to deliver a buggy (golf cart) to your front door.

The Penthouse Pool Villas bring together the best of both – located on the top floor of the cliff suites but with loads of space and private living area. Each also has its own private infinity pool.

You can also choose between the Limited Privilege and Unlimited Privilege Packages.

Click here to check out rates and book your dream holiday at Samabe!

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Heading to Bali? Why not splash out and spoil yourself. We review Samabe Bali Suites & Villa. Head over to the blog post to read more about our stay in a one bedroom villa, the breakfast buffet, afternoon tea and other #villalife treats you can look forward to.